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U9-U14 Uniform and LSC Spirit Wear Link

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2017 Spring Soccer

2017 Spring Soccer
Registration for Spring Soccer is OPEN!!!

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Any player registering after March 5th will be assessed a $20 late registration fee.
The cost of regular registration for the Spring 2017 season is $70 for players in U9-U14 (players born 2009-2003) and $65 for players in the U5-U8 divisions (players born in 2013-2010, cost includes a team jersey).

The Ledyard Soccer Club changed uniforms for all U9-U14 players for the Fall 2016 season.  If your player did not participate in Fall 2016 soccer, you will need to order a new uniform.

All players in the U9-U14 divisions must have the Fall 2016 Ledyard Soccer Club uniform.  Please use this link to order your player's uniform if your player did not participate in Fall 2016 soccer.  The new uniform includes a jersey, shorts, socks and an alternate/practice jersey and cost approximately $55 plus shipping.

For many clubs, one of the biggest and most political problems they face is player evaluations. Player evaluations are used to provide the proper balance of capabilities across all teams in the U9-U14 (players born 2009-2003) divisions. It is important for all players and families understand that having previously played for a Classic team does not guarantee a spot on a Classic team for the next season. Players who would like to play on a Classic team must attend evaluations if the division holds evaluations (unless excused by the division coordinator prior to evaluations). The U9-U14 division coordinators determine the number of Classic and Recreational Plus teams to be formed in each age/gender group and the number of players on each team.  If a player is unable to attend the scheduled evaluation for their division, and desires to play on a Classic team, the player must notify their division coordinator prior to the scheduled evaluation. Excused absences from evaluation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may include injury, illness or a prior scheduled family commitment.

Players who participate in the evaluation process who are not selected for a Classic team will automatically be assigned to a Recreational Plus team. Players who choose not to participate in the evaluation process will automatically be assigned to a Recreational Plus team. Recreational Plus teams are created by the division coordinators. Where a division has more than one Recreational Plus team, the coordinator will split the players up based on age, skill, experience and talent, ensuring as best they can to have teams of equal ability.
 Players new to the U9-U14 divisions of Ledyard Soccer Club must either scan a copy of their birth certificate and email it to Players not providing a copy of their birth certificate prior to the start of the season will not be permitted to play in games for insurance reasons.
 Players in the U5-U6 program typically have one session a week on Saturday mornings that involve both clinical skill building and small-sided games.
Players in the U7-U8 program typically have two sessions per week, one weekday practice and one skills session on Saturday mornings.
 Players in the U9-U14 divisions typically have 2, 1.5 hour, practices a week and one game on the weekend. Once the players are separated into teams, each team's coach will determine the practice days and times and game schedule. Please note that if your player has other commitments on certain nights of the week, we suggest that you note that when registering the player. We will attempt to work with your player's schedule, though there is no guarantee.

Important Note On Soccer Changes for Fall 2016

Changes Coming for Fall 2016

US Youth Soccer is introducing several changes starting this Fall 2016 season. The main aspects of these changes are age divisions, small-sided games, and field and goal sizes.  As a member of SECJSA, Ledyard Soccer Club plans to adhere to these new guidelines.  All SEJCSA members are expected to adhere to these guidelines as well.  

Age Guidelines

For the Fall 2016 season, Ledyard Soccer Club will be following US Youth Soccer's new age guidelines.  Previously, age groups were determined August 1st through July 31st.  For example, this past Spring 2015 season, a U10 team could have anyone under the age of 10 on August 1, 2015.  Additionally, Ledyard Soccer Club permitted players to register based on their school grade, so a u10 team could have any player that was in 4th grade or lower.  This age guidelines are shifted to a calendar year and grade will no longer be a consideration.  So, in the Fall 2016 season, the U10 age group will include any player born in the year 2007.  This will mean that some players in the same grade will be playing in different age divisions.  Moreover, with this change some of our players will play an additional year in their current age division and some may skip an age division all together.
Additionally, previously Ledyard Soccer Club grouped two age groups together.  Moving forward, Ledyard Soccer Club will make every effort to field teams for each age division in U9-U14.  Where there are not enough players to field a team in a particular age division, those players will be grouped with the next oldest age division.
Below is the birth years for this Fall 2016
2008 = U9
2007 = U10
2006 = U11
2005 = U12
2004 = U13
2003 = U14
2002 (8th grade players) = U14

More Changes in the Future

In the Spring 2017 season, SECJSA will likely require all participating clubs to transition to small-sided games, another mandate of US Youth Soccer. 


Why are these changes being made?

The current landscape is inconsistent and not as successful as it could be when it comes to player development. Through these initiatives, U.S. Soccer aims to develop players with more individual skill, intelligence, creativity and confidence. These changes also provide a consistent approach across the country while challenging the status quo of our soccer landscape by focusing on the development of the individual versus the success of a team. Parents can also have a better understanding of exactly what they should expect from a soccer program for their children.

Are these changes aligned with the U.S. Soccer Development Academy?

Yes. These initiatives align the entire youth player development environment with the proven approach and success of the Development Academy program. Clubs, coaches and parents who are in programs external to the Development Academy are encouraged to incorporate these philosophies of player development. These initiatives fully support the existing technical framework of the Development Academy, which serves as the model for development across the country.

How do these changes affect the current soccer landscape?

U.S. Soccer recommends putting these initiatives into place as a best practice beginning in August of 2016, as they will be mandated in August of 2017. This provides organizations two full years from the announcement in August 2015 to plan on how to best implement the initiatives in the future.

Who is required to follow these initiatives?

All of U.S. Soccer’s membership is required to put these initiatives into place no later than August of 2017. This includes, but is not limited to, all youth members and their respective competitions: State Associations, US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY, etc.

Concussion Awareness

Concussion Awareness

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a law regarding concussions in youth athletics.  The law requires Ledyard Soccer Club to make available to each player and their parents/guardians a written or electronic statement regarding concussions.  Please refer to the pictures above or click on the links below for the concussion awareness documents.


Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents


Play/Parent Concussion Awareness Form


The purpose of the Concussion Awareness page is to help educate coaches, players and parents about concussions.  The Ledyard Soccer Club does not provide medical advice.  The information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images and other material on this page, is strictly for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding concussion treatment. 


LSC Board Meeting

The next LSC Board meeting will be Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00pm at the Ledyard Parks & Recreation Building.

LSC U9-U14 Uniforms and Club Spirit Wear

LSC U9-U14 Uniforms and Club Spirit Wear